Social distancing: Let’s make it fun

I’m the business manager/CEO of UIC, Marshay Geter. As we come to a close in first month of social distancing due to the coronavirus, we search ourselves and wonder, “Am I safe? Am I keeping my family safe? What can I do to entertain myself and my family?” The most important ways to keep our family safe is washing your hands frequently and only go out for essential reasons.

Following the guidance of social distancing, we are unable to visit our family members, friends, or even go to work. Humans are in need of socializing with others to have a feeling of being wanted, loved, or even seen. So, how are we supposed to keep ourselves “busy” during this time of crisis? How are we supposed to keep up with our loved ones that we are not able to touch?

Technology has evolved over the years that connects families with each other who live afar. Skype and Zoom has been used to connect families and friends via video conference. Some things that can be talked about is coping with social distancing as a start.

Other ideas can be having breakfast, lunch or dinner together during the video conference call. Everyone cooks for themselves and eat at the same time as if they were sitting at the same table. This is a way to have an open table conversation, talk about something other than COVID-19 or anything negative. Focus on the fact that you are still able to connect with your family regardless of the seclusion guidance given by the government.

Another idea is to have game night. For example, Heads Up(TM), is a great game that everyone can play or charades. Everyone can participate which is great way to bring up other connect with each other on another level.

Maybe technology is not a path that you want to take. Families can take walks around the neighborhood together, incorporate children to help out with cooking, learn new cooking ideas, barbecue and play a game of cornhole, or create art projects. Social distancing doesn’t have to be boring. Use it as a way to reconnect with love ones without the interruption from the outside world.

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